Reasons on Why You Should Try Freediving

diveHave you ever heard of freediving? It is the same as diving or swimming but there is one catch. You will not be using any gear to breathe underwater. It is like signing up on a dating site without bringing anything with you. You are only taking your skills and your will to dive into the water and reach the depths of the sea.

Freediving is a kind of diving that is getting popularity nowadays. The deepest free diver and the champion of the deep are Herbert Nitsch. He reached a depth of 253 meters. This is really deep when an average human being can only do 7 to 8 feet of dive.

But there must be piquing your interest on why you should try freediving. What can be your reasons?

It is a challenge to yourself

Challenging yourself to be better than what you are now is one of the reasons why you should try freediving. Aiming to be a greater version of yourself is something that you should do regularly. You will do this not because you are not satisfied with what you have now. You will do this because you want to push yourself further and be generally better as a person than who you are right now.

Freediving can push yourself to the limit and break barriers in the process. Through freediving, you will be changing the bad stuff that you have now and turning them into modified good things. Freediving is a challenge that you will overcome and this will influence you to follow your dreams and finish what you started.

free diving

It is healthy for you

You may have heard stories of people who are freediving and then hurting themselves in the process. But these are the people who do not recognize their limits. They push themselves farther and farther and deeper into the water not knowing that they are already past their bodies’ capabilities.

Before you do freediving, you must recognize your abilities and your limits first. Your abilities will tell you the level that you are right now and the things that you should improve on your skills. Your limits will tell you when to stop. This will not only protect yourself but it will also remove the worries that your family has every time you do freediving.