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Zeil Vliegen offers different activities on the water. The team of professional divers and trainers first established their business doing their second love that is parasailing. They continued to provide these services to tourists and locals who want to experience what parasailing is like. From 2014 to 2016, the members of the team, even when they got married through online dating and stuff, Zeil Vliegen only provided parasailing as the activity for people who want to enjoy the waters.

But ever since acquiring their very own land in front of the beach that they truly love, they were able to build an empire out of the passion that they have. Right now, Zeil Vleigen is offering a variety of activities for locals and tourists to enjoy.

SCUBA Diving

We know how it is like to be under the water. It is truly calm, peaceful, and very quiet. And the beauty that is uncovered as you go deeper into the water is just astonishing. This is the reasons why many people want to go into SCUBA diving. Everyone would love to experience what being under the water feels like. It is really something that is unexplainable unless you do it yourself. We are offering competitive prices to customers. We provide all the training in a swimming pool and then move on to the open rivers or seas.


Aside from SCUBA diving, tourists and locals can still experience the Netherlands on a whole new level. You will be going on a canal tour with an official guide who will tell you the history and the culture behind the different iconic places in the Netherlands. It will also be quite an experience for you as you explore the unique sights and sounds that you will only see and hear in the Netherlands.