About Us

Zeil Vliegen is a provider of great experiences and memorable activities that you can only imagine. From parasailing above the water to SCUBA diving underwater, we have them all for you. Family and friends are your first love. We know that. How about developing a second love? Being in the water is so much fun. If you love water, you will easily find parasailing and other water-related activities exciting.

Our team

Our team is composed of professional SCUBA divers, trainers, and motorboat drivers whose love for the water can only be compared to your husband or wife whom you met through online dating. We want to share our dedication for the waters to people who are interested in playing above, on, or below the water.

A list of activities

You will never run out of activities to do when you partner with us to prepare your vacation in the Netherlands. You can choose from a variety of stuff to do like parasailing, SCUBA diving, freediving, and island tours. You will have so much fun in adding all these experiences in your life. Be above the waters enjoying the view of the clouds and the ocean. Be underwater as you view the fish and the reefs that beautify and design the water underneath.